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‘Success equates perseverance and dedication’


Chef Yap Geok Loong (叶育龙) is the head chef at Gu Ma Jia. Originally from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, he has accumulated more than 20 years of culinary experience specializing in Chinese dishes in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Chef Yap first came to Singapore in 1990, and has worked in several renowned restaurants. Following which, he was a chef at Johor Bahru, cooking up seafood and Chinese restaurant dishes at Pan Pacific Hotel. He has been Gu Ma Jia’s head chef since 2010, putting his rich culinary experience in Chinese dishes to good use. Having held both culinary and managerial positions in the cooking industry, Chef Yap is a highly versatile and adept individual when it comes to work.

One’s work attitude is of utmost importance to Chef Yap and every dish has to be prepared attentively and carefully to produce superior taste and quality. Being serious and focused once work begins allows Chef Yap to maintain a consistently high standard in his cooking.

Customer satisfaction ranks high amongst his priorities, and he constantly monitors the audience group at Gu Ma Jia. His attention to detail ensures that families will be able to enjoy their sumptuous home-cooked meal at Gu Ma Jia, aligning perfectly with the restaurant’s concept of enjoying home-cooked goodness.