Gu Ma Jia’s Recipes

Homemade Yam Ring with Kyoto Pork Ribs 自制芋圈排骨 Yam Ring: 200g yam, steam and mash into paste 40g wheat flour, 60g boiling water 40g oil, some starch, some salt Some five-spice powder […]

Food Masters Singapore 2017

Thank you for the support and votes. Gu Ma Jia has been awarded Top 3 Winners for North Zone in the Food Masters Singapore 2017! We are left with 3 […]

Kai Lan Yuan Yang

This dish features Kai Lan vegetables cooked in two styles, blanched and fried. Crispy Kai Lan leaves are deep- fried to perfection, coupled with thick and crunchy Kai Lan stems. […]

Gu Ma Jia Delivery

Have you seen our delivery van around Singapore? Say hi to us if you see it! Terms & Conditions Ala Carte Order Delivery within 3km – delivery charge $5, min […]

Bento Meal

Affordable and convenient, starting from $7, our delicious Bento Box delivery is a hit with many companies and schools for their various events and parties. Need convenient dining or portable meals? […]

Marmite Chicken

As with all of the dishes here, the freshest of ingredients are used to bring Gu Ma’s private recipes to life. Enjoy the savory chicken tossed in marmite gravy and […]

Crispy Bean-Jal

A perfect combination of crispy fried brinjal and French beans make up this delicious vegetable dish. The brinjal is lightly tossed in sweet marmite sauce and then fried with French […]