Gu Ma Jia’s Recipes

Homemade Yam Ring with Kyoto Pork Ribs 自制芋圈排骨 Yam Ring: 200g yam, steam and mash into paste 40g wheat flour, 60g boiling water 40g oil, some starch, some salt Some five-spice powder […]

Food Masters Singapore 2017

Thank you for the support and votes. Gu Ma Jia has been awarded Top 3 Winners for North Zone in the Food Masters Singapore 2017! We are left with 3 […]

Kai Lan Yuan Yang

This dish features Kai Lan vegetables cooked in two styles, blanched and fried. Crispy Kai Lan leaves are deep- fried to perfection, coupled with thick and crunchy Kai Lan stems. […]