Gu Ma Private Dining Menu

You can now order special Gu Ma dishes that’s not on the menu! Gu Ma and her team will customise and plan the menu for you and your family so you continue to enjoy nutritious and healthy home-cooked style food at home without any hassle. Enjoy bonding time over delicious food. Skip the cooking on certain days to save time so you can focus on your work and kids too! You can also order for the week ahead too! Call 6285 2023 or WhatsApp to order now!
您可以订菜单上没有的菜肴。 姑妈和她的团队将为您和您的家人计划菜单,以便您继续在家中享受营养健康的家常风味食物。不必浪费时间煮, 也可以订下来整个星期的菜肴, 专心在家工作和监督孩子的功课。 打电话:6285 2023 / Whatsapp 询问和订餐。

Simply just enjoy what Gu Ma will cook for you for this special private dining. Dishes may vary. 5 pax Gu Ma Private Dining Menu from $48+ per pax (Specially cooked by Gu Ma, limited quantities,advance order required). Subject to availability of ingredients, dishes will be replaced.
1. Homemade Fish Cake
2. Steamed Kampong Chicken
3. Steamed Fish Homestyle
4. Luo Han Zhai (luo han mixed vegetables)
5. Sambal Prawn and Petai
6. Braised Pork Belly
7. Yam Rice
8. Dessert
只需享受Gu Ma为您准备的特别私房家庭式美食。菜肴可能会有所不同。 五人姑妈私房菜套餐 (From $48+ , 限量, 提早预订,菜肴会根据材料而定)
5. 叁峇虾和臭豆

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