Gu Ma Jia Fabulous 5 ( 4 / 5 Pax Menu) 好鲜味道 (四 / 五 人套餐 )

Planned to have a meal with 4 to 5 awesome buddies, or just to get together for great food? Order Gu Ma Jia Awesome 4 today!

  1. Deep Fried Sea Bass 油浸金目卢
  2. Sambal Sotong 叁笆苏东
  3. Salted Egg Yolk Prawn 帝皇大虾
  4. Yam Ring Pork Ribs 芋圈排骨
  5. Sweet Potato Leaves (sambal, preserved bean curd, garlic) 番薯叶 (叁笆/腐乳/蒜茸)

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