BHP Blend 188: Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea, 30 Tea Bags x 9.5g – Organic

Organic sourced roasted tartary buckwheat blended with japanese sencha green tea and inulin (chicory root fiber) to give a exquisite fragrant and nutty tea. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol and weight management. 

This blend combines the wonderful properties of roasted tartary buckwheat, japanese sencha tea and inulin (chicory root fiber). Inulin is a natural ingredient extracted from chicory which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system by stimulating the good bacteria. 

BHP’s tartary buckwheat comes from the high mountains area of Sichuan with a cold climate, fertile soil and sunshine all year round. These ideal environmental conditions results in a superior grade tartary buckwheat. It is carefully selected for its rich and robust golden brown color, as well as for its unique nutty fagrance and flavour. Sencha on the other hand, ranks high in the hierarchy of fine japanese tea. 

Each box contains 30 individually packed tea bag (9.5grams per tea bag). 

Suggested Use: Add 250-300ml hot water. Soak tea bag for 2-3 minutes. 

Ingredients: Roasted Tartary Buckwheat, Sencha Green Tea, Inulin (Chiory Root Fiber). 


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