Father’s Day Promotion Set (4 to 6 pax)

Enjoy delicious meals from our exclusive Father’s Day set meal for 4 to 6 pax.

Free delivery.

Free Wolfberries & Red Dates with Peach Gum

赠送 : 红枣枸杞子炖桃胶

  • Dad’s Double Platter (Thai Style Sea Asparagus, Home Made Prawn Roll) 爸爸最爱双 喜拼盘 (泰式海芦笋,姑妈家特制虾卷)
  • Yam Ring Pork Ribs 芋圈排骨
  • Steamed Kampung Chicken 甘榜蒸鸡
  • Superior Sauce Deep Fried Sea Bass 豉油皇金目卢
  • Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom 冬菇炒西兰花
  • Ubin La la Bee Hoon 乌敏岛啦啦米粉

*Dessert to be replaced, subject to availability.

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