Butter Salted Egg Yolk Crab 奶油咸蛋黄螃蟹

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Succulent Sri Lankan crabs are used for this dish, cooked with white pepper sauce. With Gu Ma Jia’s culinary team’s dedicated cooking, crabs are perfectly cooked with the crab meat separating easily from the shell for easy consumption. The special Sarawak white pepper is also very well balanced and aptly brings out the sweetness of the crabs.

  • Butter Salted Egg Yolk Crab 奶油咸蛋黄螃蟹
  • Crab Mee Hoon Soup/Dry 螃蟹粗米粉汤/干
  • Chilli Crab 辣椒螃蟹
  • White Pepper Crab 白胡椒螃蟹

Seasonal Price 时价

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